Does GNOME or KDE have a way to block the Meta key when an app is in focus?

This would be useful for something like Teradici, where a user using a remote Mac may use the CMD, which is equal to Meta/Super/Win in a traditional/Windows keyboard.

One other thing to note, Meta key still needs to work on Teradici to use in the remote workstation.

My work uses Teradici for to remote into workstations and when a user remotes to a Mac, Mac (remote) & Ubuntu (host) shortcuts are cutting into each other because of <CMD>=<Meta>.

Virt-Manager is the same way, too where Meta key will trigger the desktop and the VM session’s application launcher (as an example).

Edit: Plasma has “ignore global shortcuts”, but it’s too aggressive because it ignored everything. Meta key is the only issue. But while it’s too aggressive, it’s a temporary solution.