DLN Xtend Episode 21: EndeavourOS is not Arch, Learning Computer Programming, ARM vs x86

Great episode as usual. On the topic of Arch, I wonder why I never hear any mention about Anarchy? It’s the spiritual successor to the classic Architect installer that I used way way back in the day. It’s a great way to install a very minimal Arch with some themed DEs or vanilla DEs as well.

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I really appreciated the programming topic, and would love to have some more content on programming on Linux in the DLN. Like you @EricAdams I have always wanted to learn to program, but have tried one tutorial after another from QBasic to Python 1.0 to REXX to Javascript 1.4 to… By that list, you can tell that this has been a desire for a long time.

Perhaps, I need to find a classroom environment to learn programming since I have found that the structure of classroom learning with a talented teacher, assignments, and due dates for projects seems to be one of the best ways to learn something. I will say that I recently started this journey again, it is slow but it feels different from the other experiences, because I’m finding immediate ways to put the knowledge into practice in my day to day use of Linux. I have two clearly defined use cases or projects that could keep me motivated in continuing down this path this time with this new attempt at learning a programming language. We will see if I get to the “Ah Ha!” moment when it starts to click for me.

Keep up the good work, it was great to hear you and @CubicleNate again.


I got my wish for a real-world project by way of a customer that needs to display data on their site via a series of API calls. I’ve had to learn some PHP to get it done on WordPress. The good parts are the chance to learn something new and being paid to do it. The bad part is needing to learn it well enough to deliver something that works well and is secure. I’ve managed to cobble something together that works but I definitely need to go back and refactor many things. I’m enjoying doing it quite a bit but it’s challenging and sometimes very frustrating, almost all completely due to my lack of knowledge.

The best thing about it is knowing I’ve always had the capability to learn programming so to actually spend the time to learn and execute has been very rewarding. I’ve always been at my best under pressure so classroom learning isn’t always the better option for me. Hopefully you can find an opportunity like this to focus your effort and have a similar experience. :+1: