DLN Xtend - Episode 0

In this, our preview DLN Xtend episode, we discuss the (unusual?) concept of Linux flagship devices, the pros and cons of rolling releases on the server side, the continuing trend of removing support for older hardware in many Linux distributions and a brief look at some of the highlights in the Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine release.

Fun fact. Nate and I did this as a test recording that we assumed we wouldn’t use. Turns out the DLN crew liked it and suggested we publish it. Who are we to refuse? All kidding aside, this is our first go at this and so we ask for some patience and also any feedback you might have.

We know you are busy and appreciate (AppreciNate!) you taking time out of your day to listen to our podcast. Thank you!

DLN Xtend - Episode 0


I think this is a great concept, and I’ve enjoyed the first 2 episodes!


I’m wondering if it’s just me, but are the links to the DLN Xtend shows (episodes 0 and 1) currently broken? I click on what appears to be an image linking to the podcast, upon which the image disappears and I’m still right here on this page!

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There is something going on with the embeds so no, not just you. I’ll see if I can fix it.

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Thank you! Glad to hear you’re enjoying it. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to improve. :+1:

Just accessed Episode 0 and really enjoyed most of the topics covered. My favourite part of the whole show is that lovely little jingle-type-thing moving from one section of the show to the other - it reminds me of some of my games when I was a child and the little celebration you’d get between stages! Please do not change this!

More seriously though, glad to see some opinions and experiences so close to mine. The oldest laptop in my family is a Dell Inspiron that must about 14 years old I think. I regularly use my tiny roll-royce netbook of old, though the screen resolution is what holds it back and Debian 10 is starting to feel a bit slow for starting up applications. I also think it’s just ridiculous to throw away good hardware - very wasteful and doing our environment no good either :confused:

Looking forward to further episodes - thanks!

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