DLN Xtend 25: The Right to Upgrade


@CubicleNate I hesitate to corrupt you in this way, bit you can theoretically put any arbitrary command into a post-run script in your theoretical metapackage. snap install foo, flatpak install bar, userdel nate, rm -rf --no-preserve-root /

Incidentally, you should be cautious when downloading random RPM’s (or .deb’s!) from the Internet. The right way to automate installing software that isn’t in the repos (besides getting everything properly packaged in the OBS, of course) would probably be a configuration management tool like Ansible. I wish you well in your packaging endeavors!

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Strange happenings. Yesterday, I get notification email of a new episode on LBRY. I am browsing on LBRY, but do not see anything from DLN. I go back to see the email, click on the link, and it shows I am not following.

No harm done, at least, none that I haven’t done to myself, mostly. I, perhaps, should just automate everything but I like to do some things manually. There is a kind of satisfaction in that process.