DLN Picks discontinued?

A quick question - has DLN Picks (DL Picks - Destination Linux) been discontinued? I find this one of my handy resources which is bookmarked and I see the latest entry is for Ep 164. As I am still learning, I make use of every resource I can and have found this great :slight_smile:)

No, it hasn’t been discontinued. I just sometimes forget to update the dataset and thus forget to update the page when I release an episode.

I store the dataset on GitHub but I dont always remember to update it.

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Many thanks Michael.

I listen/watch the podcast and have gleaned quite a few gems over the months I’ve been listening. Your efforts are appreciated :slight_smile:


I submitted a pull request

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thank you so much! I will check that now

Edit: thank you very much! I have merged this to the dataset! I will update the picks page on the site soon as well +1

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