DLN LUG Fest! March 21st After Destination Linux 218

DLN LUG Fest is happening this Sunday! If you are not aware of what the LUGFest is, well LUG stands for Linux User Group.

We’re essentially going to have a Full Day of DLN because first we’ll record episode 218 of DL and then immediately after that, everyone can join us to hang out and talk open-source, Linux, and well anything geek.

if you want to join us for the LUGFest, all you need to do is have an account on the DLN Forum and go to https://destinationlinux.network/lugfest for the link on Sunday.


  • :spiral_calendar: This Sunday, March 21st
  • :clock1: right after Destination Linux 218 recording (1pm Eastern / 17:00 UTC)
  • :mag: Zoom Link = (will be shared on Sunday)

Put it on your calendar, bookmark this thread, all that good stuff so you can get the link to join the LUG Room. We’ll be posting it here right after we finish recording the episode.

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Note: We’re waiting to share the link because we don’t want to risk it being picked up by the spammers/trolls.