DLN Gaming Night - Saturday, November 9th!

Hey everyone, here are the plans for the DLN Gaming Night that is happening on Saturday, November 9th.

Everyone is welcome to join us in the gaming sessions along with the DLN Creators involved which will be: @dasgeek, @JasonEvangelho, @MichaelTunnell, and @zebedee.boss

Games List

CS:GO: Steam
Rocket League: Steam | Humble Bundle
Dirt Rally: Steam | Humble Bundle
Golf With Your Friends: Steam | Humble Bundle
SuperTuxKart (maybe): https://supertuxkart.net
Left 4 Dead 2: Steam
Warframe: Steam
Ballistic Overkill: Steam

DLN Game Night is over but you can still watch the videos if you’d like to with the following links.

Ryan: direct link

Zeb: direct link

Jason: direct link

Michael: direct link


That sounds like fun ! Please record as many videos as possible, I’d like make a clip as I did last time ! Unfortunately I won’t be able to join you guys. Have fun !!


One of these times I hope I can make it - unfortunately I have 3 DJ Shows this weekend, with 2 on Saturday…

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@FrenchGuyCH and @ChristopherM, sorry you can’t make it but hope you can next time. :smiley:

@FrenchGuyCH thank you for that offer to make the video, it was great last time so totally want to take you up on that :smiley:

Linux Games? Tux Racer? Steam?

@Trent all of the games are playable on Linux. Warframe is playable via Proton and all the other games are natively playable on Linux.

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I will totally be down for some Golf with Friends!

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@MichaelTunnell - Any chance to provide links to the games? I don’t have most of those. Not trying to be lazy, just something to make it easier to find them for everyone. :slight_smile:

@christopher_scott that’s a good idea and will do :smiley:

@christopher_scott @MichaelTunnell
I had free time


I am making humble links if anyone wants to give DLN credit :smiley:
I added the humble links to some and steam links to the original post, thanks @RiderExMachina

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Saturday’s are busy for me, but I I’ll try and catch some golf with your friends. Hoping STK happens! (My server are ipv6 enabled as many are and first player chooses mode/difficulty)

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What will we be using for voice chat? I don’t want to miss the smack talk.

@Owsla Mumble | Destination Linux Network :smiley:

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Thanks. I’m all setup and ready to go.

I’ll be running an OBS recording. If anyone needs rendering power, the Radeon VII should be able to handle some load. :D.

Will probably manage to join for the RL at midnight!

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So this is happening now.



Last networked gaming I did was playing chess on the long defunct yahoo servers :slight_smile: Your event sounded like a lot of fun and I would have been happy to spectate at least if I hadn’t been in bed sleeping off a cold last night. I’ll drop by on some of the recordings though :+1:

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