DLN Game Fest - August 30th at 4PM Eastern

We are having a DLN Game Fest where a bunch of the DLN Creators get together to play some games and we’ll be streaming the games on YouTube for everyone to hangout! DLN Game Fest will be streamed on the DLN YouTube channel.


Starting Time = 4:00 PM - US/Eastern

Timezone Conversion:
2020-08-30T20:00:00Z (<- hover to check auto-conversion)

otherwise = timezone converter

Games List

Patrons Access

There are only so many spots in various games so to keep it manageable, being a Patron will be needed in order to join in on the gaming. If you are a Patron of DL, TuxDigital, DasGeek, or any other DLN Creator then you can join the games.

Share the Great News!

Let people know about the Game Fest by sharing the link https://destinationlinux.network/gamefest


You forgot Shell Shock! Don’t worry @MichaelTunnell, I’ll always be here to keep you in check.


ShellShock fixed :smiley:


Shellshock and not bzflag?

Man the last time I played bzflag was probably 2001-2002. It was a hoot. I remember it being the opposite of twitchy FPS. That being said ShellShock looks like gorillas.bas.

never heard of bzflag

I haven’t played it for quite a while, it has CTF, Team Battle & FFA modes.

Open source multi-player 3D tank battle game for Windows, Linux, and macOS

Available as snap & flatpack

Here’s the time in your respective timezones, so you don’t have to visit a timezone converter…


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good point! adding to the top post now :smiley:

me not using something I added to the forum lol silly me

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Don’t know if your planning to host your own supertuxkart server, but I have 3 6-10 player servers in Miami & a 22 player server in New York. All are set so the first player can choose the mode/difficulty

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STK 1.2 was just released :smile:

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That 22 player server sounds perfect! If you are good with us using that then that would be awesome!

Lol great timing :slight_smile:

Updating the new york server now

<server-name value="PlaySTK- DLN Game Fest- New York" />

I may through a pass on it. I’ll comment on patreon if i do

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I will catch the next edition! This is my weekend with my kiddos, so, I’ll be off hanging with them.

Not sure if anyone’s mentioned this, but as far as Gang Beasts is concerned, there’s a beta update that adds a lot of improvements; y’all might want to opt in to this before playing.

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Downloading and getting hyped!

The Humble Bundle Double Fine Bundle is over and Gang Beasts is €19.99 on Steam, but you can still get the game from the Humble Bundle store for just €9.99.