Distro hopping inbound

guys im debating hoping to Megia or possible try out Tresquel again . I am just not satisfied with the staleness i been getting on Lite.

If you do try Trisquel, I’d be curious to know your thoughts. I haven’t tried it in quite a while. I liked the concept behind it but the last version I installed was horribly out of date (v8 I think?).

If you are happy where you are right now then there would be no reason to hop but I have a :heart: for Mageia.

I am very happy with Lite but as of late I want KDE. I miss the old 3.5 version. i think it called trinity now

Though Mageia comes with one of the recent Plasma versions (5.20 something) and I personally do not use KDE.

may go to Tresquel but i refuse to use their forums. man i forgot how nutty the FSF is.looking at options still.