Distorted Screen on Boot

Ubuntu Based Distro’s & Fedora
Lenovo Flex 5 Intel i-5 with intel graphics ssd harddrive and 8 gigs ram
Kernel 5.03

When booting from usb flash drive or install the screen is very distorted. It is on boot up when this happens. I did manage to get POP OS 19.10 installed but it was having issues with a jerky mouse and graphics.I have turned off secure boot and UEFI in bios with no luck. I have never had issues with linux like this. I have been running linux for years. I am thinking kernel but not sure.

You shouldn’t have to disable UEFI in the BIOS if you use a GPT partition table during disk partitioning. The installer should actually do this for you automatticlly if you select default partitioning. Have you tried adding nomodeset to the kernel boot parameters as a temp. fix for your graphics issue? Please post the output of ‘lspci’ if you are able to.

I could not post output of lspc. But I was able to install Clear linux and it is working fine.

Glad you got a distro up and running! If you decide you want a different distro other than clear linux, post the output of lspci from your clear linux install first, and we could probably work through the set up :slight_smile: