Discord Censorship / reading or scanning of private messages [Citation needed]

So, there is one guy who makes Linux videos. He calls it Switched to Linux. Each Friday he posts one he calls Weekly News Roundup. On this one he first announces that the Discord server & account had been completely deleted after he sent a private message to another stating to the other person to seek medical advice from their physician before taking the “vaccine.”

He indicated he switching over to a Matrix based server.

It just goes to tell you, stop depending on all those “freebie” services. I say we put them all out of business.

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Interesting. I made public announcements about why I left Discord and moved to Guilded. They took no action against me, but then again, I’m not a podcaster/youtuber making a lot of videos either.


FreeNode sure did take action against those who mentioned “Libera.Chat” in conversations

Not that I endorse Discord, but this has “FAKE NEWS” written all over it. I’ve seen people do much, much worse on public servers and no action from Discord was taken.

More importantly, why the hell would they specifically go after people advising to see physician before taking vaccine?

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I don’t think it is fake. Government is now colluding with those tech companies which have given them in-kind assistance.


yeaaaah it’s sketch

just because they are saying they are going to do it … Doesn’t mean they are . She’s just a spokes person for the white house she has no real power .

Umm…she is speaking on behalf of the President

I believe your reading to munch into this . They are providing information to these platforms about misinformation . I think this is being misinterpreted more to me like she’s saying platforms should have similar rules for misinformation and apply them the same for every account. Which I believe she’s trying to say here. But then again She’s a spokes person for the president She doesn’t have all the information with her . She’s stumbling through her words . Trying to think of ways to talk about this . They can try this I don’t think this will go anywheres this Tweet feels like a Fear tweet attacking our Freedoms .

And who gets to decide what is “misinformation”? I have heard about people who are experts on subjects and they have been censored because a 20 year old behind a keyboard “knows better.”

Kayleigh McEnany seemed to have all the information and never misspoke when she had press conferences.

I’m not an expert to me it should be up to the person but I"m not a doctor or the Algo but I’m interpreting a small snippet of this press conference which is I think the bigger issue here because this small clip caught on like wild fire on Twitter. This is my real issue a clip out of context goes crazy viral on twitter . But yeah I would have to do more digging on what they decide on misinformation cause I have no clue . tbh

No., this seems to the government trying to collude with tech companies to censor people.

Even left leaning Politico is reporting something similar:

Biden allied groups, including the Democratic National Committee, are also planning to engage fact-checkers more aggressively and work with SMS carriers to dispel misinformation about vaccines that is sent over social media and text messages. The goal is to ensure that people who may have difficulty getting a vaccination because of issues like transportation see those barriers lessened or removed entirely.

Hearsay can be credible if there’s well established trust with an individual but it’s not a good citation for strangers especially if it’s attached to broad sweeping claims.

As for the other citations, they share the same category but none of them directly back the title of this thread and require indirect assumptions.

I’m not saying this information shouldn’t be shared, just the way it’s being delivered is optimized for controversy in what’s already a touchy subject.


Actually it does. They are all colluding to silence people. Even Zuckerberg admitted they have a private messaging system they all use between them. That is why when you see someone banned, it happens across all the platforms at the same time.

You’re providing a plausible scenario. Do you have evidence to show this scenario is what occurred other than what a YouTuber said?

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Yea, They are in front in congress saying it!

I don’t see how Zuckerberg using private messaging system is linked to this alleged Discord censorship or even how it would point to problems with Facebook (which FB obviously does have, like I argued in this thread).


Are you not reading? I stated Zuckerberg admitted they are all using a private system to communicate with one another to collude on banning people . Since we do not know a lot about it, we do not know who is all connected

Oh, so you mean in your previous post “admitting” refers not only to having private messaging system but to colluding as well. Could you give a source for that? I’d like to learn more.

You’re undermining the good evidence you have by attempting to use it as absolute proof of something you have no evidence for.

This is a trait a lot of people find intolerable whether you are ultimately proved correct or not because it’s one not particular concerned with honesty in favor of promoting a greater objective.

It’s the type of trait you likely find intolerable in a lot of your opposition and calls into question their credibility.

If you want the topic to be a wide assertion against social media giants and their relationship with gov’t make it a well sourced thread that sticks to evidence. Using it as an adhoc backup position thrown out to cover for a poorly evidenced claim is probably the best possible way to sabotage the point you’re trying to make.