Disappointment with Shortwave radio app

So Shortwave has now stopped playing any radio streams from Australia’s national broadcaster ABC.

All of ABC radio stream URL’s finish in .pls
None of them are accepted by Shortwave as acceptable radio streams, despite previous versions of Shortwave having no problems with ABC radio.

Not sure whether to lodge it as a bug or not.

Managed to import ABC’s urls into Good Vibes fine, so Good Vibes is now my new favourite radio app.

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Is this an application that interfaces with radio hardware or something that is all in software?

Just audio streams over the internet.

I do not qualify as enough of a hardware geek to get into the analogue radio stuff.

Bit over my expertise.

Shortwave is basically GRadio version 2

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I haven’t used any app for that for some time. I used to use Amarok but now I just use the TuneIn website. That is not a good answer so now I am interested in knowing what other people are using.

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I am currently enjoying Good Vibes.

It is a simple [minimalist], stripped down internet radio player.

There are one or two internet radio streams included but you mostly have to manually add url’s for the stations you listen to. Which I am fine with.

You can reduce it’s list of Radio Streams to “only” the stations you listen to.


Radio Browser is useful site for finding radio station url’s.

Shortwave links to it, but does not accept all the url’s that Radio Browser provides.