Disable firefox ads

I’m trying to disable firefox ads like this one:

I don’t really want to see someones dirty hands or ads or news when I open new windows. That appears in firefox private window. Any help?

You might consider LibreWolf. It was featured in a recent episode as a legit alternative fork to Firefox. I find it difficult to keep up with reverting every little change from upstream. :slightly_frowning_face:


Adjust about:preferences
Read it line by line and section by section.

Find “Suggestions” section within about:preferences#privacy

  • Suggestions from sponsors
  • Note there are more suggestions here you can turn off.

Then find “Firefox Data Collection and Use”

  • Allow Firefox to make personalized extension recommendations

  • There are more things here to turn off.

  • Sponsored shortcuts

You can also carefully search through about:config
Do an internet search to find other funky config options you can turn off.

Found the vpn banner. Just copy paste these in the search bar and then turn them off.

Found it @Max


Just open the preferences and disable everything, like me, showing up in the Firefox’s start page. I think in this case there is no need to mess with the about:pages.

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Thank you alot!