Digital Audio Interface

I recently purchased a Focusrite Sapphire 6 DAI to use for recording podcast, Vo, etc. but I can’t get any sound from the xlrs to the usb. When I plug it in my laptop recognizes the midi input and I can get perfect sound from the laptop to all the analog connections. If I plug in the mic to one of the two xlrs I can hear it through all the analog connections but it won’t go through the USB.

I don’t know if im doing something wrong, if anyone has any ideas let me know. I’m on Fedora 35 .

I don’t know if this will help, but it can’t hurt.
I found this “the simplest way to avoid routing problems in jackd is to start ardour first, before jack/qjjackctl. Then ardour asks for the soundcard, you select your focusrite saffire, and ardour launches jackd with the good options.”, here:
Maybe it’ll help?

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Is this device USB Class Compliant? Do you know what Linux Kernel you are running?

Not sure if I’m understanding the issue correctly. Just to be sure you’ve changed your sound input over in Fedora (assume Gnome?) to the interface in your sound settings correct? That should be all you need to get input from the XLR to your USB software. If you’re using something like Audacity you may need to set the interface manually in Audacity as well to your Focusrite for it to pick up the mic.

The problem is these old Focusrite Saffire devices themselves. There’s some internal routing that would normally be managed by the driver/software available for Windows or Mac. I owned a similar model with FireWire (!!) but got rid of it because… well… FireWire. I kind of wish I still had it, you can’t get devices as cheaply as those with that kind of I/O anymore and the noise/harmonic distortion was better than current offerings at the same price point.

In my search across the web, I found this: Focusrite saffire 6 USB config for linux · GitHub
It’s some kind of kernel patch to make these work, but someone later in the comments mentions this patch is now in kernel 5.9 and later. This could be heresy though, perhaps you can prove it.

Edit: I see your using Fedora 35, that’s a much newer kernel than 5.9. hmmm

Its supposed to be. Kernel 5.15.14

I’m pretty sure I did this but I will try it again.