Destination Linux 175: UBports Forwarding Linux Phones (Interview with Marius & Dalton of UBports)

Originally published at: Destination Linux 175: UBports Forwarding Linux Phones

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It was great to have Marius Gripsgard and Dalton Durst of UBports on the show to fill in for @dasgeek. I am so excited about what they are doing with UBports and look forward to my eventual arrival of the PinePhone. The more they talk about it, the more it just may be my only phone.

As far as the software spotlight goes. Okular has been great for a long time and the added functionality of it that just keeps showing up. The different copy features, either text or an image is absolutely fantastic. Also, the simple review options on it for highlighting text or creating simple shapes and underlines is also fantastic. If you do much with PDFs, this tool is absolutely wonderful.

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Thanks everyone - really enjoyed this extra-techie episode. I’ve had quite a lot going on so behind on my build on LFS and BLFS as a starting-point to looking at coding for Linux open-source. As I’ve said before I think the most critical need we have as a community are Linux phones. As I’ve always been interested in operating systems and was ogling Tanenbaum’s book on Minix decades ago when it came out, it was a real pleasure to read it cover-to-cover a couple of years back. Very insightful C and assembler code that clearly influenced Torvalds when he first coded Linux. I’ve been studying aspects of the Linux kernel in detail off and on, which also feeds into my interest in LFS etc. I think AnBox is very useful as a starting-point to encourage people to move away from Android even if there are key apps they need for it. I certainly think it’s more worthy for interoperation than a Windows Linux Sub-system! The more I learn about UBPorts, and now especially its support for PinePhone, the more I think it might be the project for me to code on, also given my background in hardware-software co-design. Let’s see how things go.