Destination Linux 173: Tameika Reed & De Parler of Women in Linux

Originally published at: Destination Linux 173: Tameika Reed & De Parler of Women in Linux - Destination Linux


Great episode! Thank you for the empowering messages Tameika and De!


Concur! A couple of inspiring ladies - loved listening to their stories and experiences. :+1:


What an amazing episode!

When I first watched Destination Linux, there were several things that kept me coming back for more: you’re informed, entertaining, and honest. It wasn’t all rose-tinted specs, it was real. I don’t know how you go-about choosing your guests, but Tameika and De have been incredible! I absolutely love their pragmatism and straight takes on such a range of topics from tech to gender and race in the industry. I have found this episode particularly inspiring, as I am seeking to resume employment in IT after having worked as a teacher (IT and other subjects) for some years. I will look forward to moving forward knowing I’m proceeding in-line with a lot of their advice and so can be hopeful of a successful outcome.

I guess the more I see and hear from people such as your guests, the more hopeful I become that there is a place in the world for someone who wants to work honestly and ethically and not just base their career around politicking and agendas that seem so common with some employers.

All the best to the Women in Linux organisation. I’ll be looking-up these ladies with great interest. Fantastic – thanks again, everyone :+1: