Destination Linux 172: Rocco of Big Daddy Linux, Swap (Partitions vs Files), Ubuntu Remixes & More!


@MichaelTunnell , I was listening to the part where you were unsure if there was hardware enablement stack on Linux Mint. There is hwe on it on 19.3 version.

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Confused newbie. I’m running Endeavour on my Dell laptop. And reading their wiki it states swap is not recommended on an SSD now I do have the option to add an HDD as well. My question is it bad to run a swap on SSD? And if so what are my options?

Thank you guys for the tip on timeshift-autosnap. I just wanted to pitch that I forked timeshift-autosnap to make it work with Debian/Ubuntu based systems. You can find the code and the instruction how to install it (git clone, sudo make install) here: GitHub - wmutschl/timeshift-autosnap-apt: Timeshift auto-snapshot script for Ubuntu and Debian based systems which creates snapshots of your system with timeshift before a package install, remove or upgrade using DPkg::Pre-Invoke hook in apt. Fork of timeshift-autosnap from AUR.

Also, if you are on a btrfs system, one can easily combine this with grub-btrfs to have a perfect easy system rollback system.

Hope you find this also useful and could spread the word about the script, because Timeshift is a really awesome piece of software IMHO and saved my bacon quite a few times.

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Good to see Rocco back on the show!

Regarding the “IT is dead” question, I think you misunderstand the issue.
The IT staff is definitely shrinking in almost all organizations. Everything is happening in the cloud and most of the IT staff members rarely do anything outside of a browser.

Wendell from Level1Techs explains this more in depth here:

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: As entertaining and informative as ever, with some great contrasting views, e.g. on Unity and Stadia.