Destination Linux 170: Emma Marshall (System76), Linux Appliances to Open Source Your Home

I am also irrationally proud of the silly thumbnail this week :smiley:


Can anyone help me with I got stuck at the login wall so I took the south exit through the Privacy Policy where I got super lost! It’s 67,333 characters but barely says anything?

I got so turned around I ended up in the Terms of Service and got stuck on this line, “your license does not include the right to:” … “access the Services or Content in order to build a similar or competitive website, product, or service.”… but the game is under the MIT License? IS THIS SOME KIND OF RIDDLE???

Any help appreciated. Great game just really hard to follow.

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Thanks everyone! Such a range covered on this. As I’m so many weeks behind, despite the innovation reported in ventilators, for example, I will surely be glad to know when we have less of a need for these.

What excited me most in this episode is the talk of MUD text-based adventure games (that’s Multi-user Dungeon @MichaelTunnell, worth looking into) and Zork… that takes me back :slight_smile: The Zork text adventures were inspired by MUD and were ridiculously expensive on the C64 back in the late 80s, if I remember correctly. I was very young then and taught myself how to code text based adventures too. Fascinating how to develop the maps and parsers etc.

Always good to know when Linux is powering devices, so am pleased to hear about LG, for example. I did ask once about Tizen on the forums but got no response. Anybody know anything about its status?

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very much agreed!

Cool, didnt know what it meant until now :smiley:

Tizen is usable though not really a focus from Samsung like they claimed it would be.

That’s ok. It is interesting because people are getting back to podcasts lately. I am curious what you think when you get to Episode 174 and beyond because we made a lot of changes and 178 has a TON of new stuff and 179 that just came out has a lot more polish on the production side that I made. So I am curious when you get to that stuff. :smiley:


I am excited because now I am more than a month behind. Too much real life stuff going on and too much podcasts but I just love them all.