Destination Linux 163: Open Source Taking Over Enterprise, Linus Tech Tips, InStoolation!

On this week’s episode of Destination Linux, we’re going to be covering community feedback, a new survey from Red Hat with some unexpected results, a video making waves about the top ten reasons why Linux is better, and finally our software pick & tips and tricks. All that and much more on this week’s episode of Destination Linux.


Great show guys ! I wanted to ask about what syncing tools you all suggest, use to sync files between yourself and peers. I was using MEGA to do so, but the bandwidth limits have gotten in the way recently because of the larger files I’ve had to move. Also, would want to get a majority of my files off of the cloud.

I looked up BitTorrentSync but that project has changed names and is not open source. I went to Prism-Break and found some useful tools like Syncthing , Cryptomator and Sia What do you all think/recommend?

Side note: I am on a VPN 24/7 at home and on my Tablet & Phone, so if possible would like a tool to work on a vpn

Hey @MichaelTunnell - First off, the picks site is incredible… So let’s improve it… how about one on the site that covers the picks / tips from all the shows (like Linux 4 Everyone, and Ask Noah) as well!!!

It would make it much easier for me than trying to update my spreadsheet!

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It’s crazy that I just installed feeds after a time of checking out the different rss programs. It’s the one that I could do what I needed the best by putting it into my dietpi ssh banner

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Thanks everyone, enjoyed this, as usual, though I’m behind on episodes. All I’ll say is, if you’re in istoolation, it’s a good opportunity to catchup :wink:

The syncing between my own devices is MUCH simpler than syncing with other people. I don’t typically sync with other people. I usually just upload the file somewhere that i know they can get it and then I remove myself from the equation, like Firefox Send service.

For syncing my own devices, it depends on what I want to sync such as having a server for webdav syncing of my notes, KDE Connect for moving files around (without sync) or occasionally Nextcloud or Syncthing for file syncing.

For syncing with DLN Creators we use a self-hosted Nextcloud instance.

I barely have the time and energy allotment for DL Picks tracking and I am the one keeping track of the metadata for each episode release . . . one for all shows is just not possible unless I am not involved in tracking data or adding the data.

Yea, Feeds is a pretty cool app for general desktop usage. I have a much more extravagant approach to RSS feeds so desktop tools won’t provide what I need. Instead, I use TT-RSS on a server.

You’re welcome :smiley: That is a very good point, there is plenty of time to catch up on content now. :slight_smile:

. . . .oh I just saw it . . . istoolation :man_facepalming:

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