Desktops / Window Managers that don't mix

So choice is good,

But not all choice should be installed on the same Linux system.

Just wanted to make a bit of a List of Window managers / Desktops that do not play well with each other, or overwrite the envirionment settings of the previous Desktop.

In general I do not think it wise to mix more then one Gnome based desktop on the same system.

Gnome + Cinnamon, probably unwise
Cinnamon + Budgie, the same

Enlightenment is probably incompatible with everything else, as most of its libraries are old enough to cause dependency hell on any modern system.

** If there was a way of isolating the envirionmental settings of each desktop then maybe it would work together. eg FlatPac or Snapd

If Gnome did not make GDM an essential component of gnome or if Linux Mint did not insist on requiring MInt Login manager (whatever it is called now) then it might make things easier. **

So in my initial adventures with Linux distro hopping, I would insist on installing everything. Put all options on my Linux install, I have since learnt that some level of self control is a good thing, and that many options does not mean I should install them all at once.

Makes sense, otherwise we’d be cooking with every item in the fridge.

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