Desktop Customization

Do you do anything out of the ordinary to customize your desktop?

What DE and widgets or extensions do you use?

Always looking for new ideas. Alot of the stuff on unixporn reddit is of similar nature (polybar, i3, pastel colors, etc.)

I’m either using Cinnamon on Linux Mint or KDE on OpenSUSE and I pretty much leave it stock. I use a dark theme and put the bar at the top and the window buttons on the left. This keeps the majority of mouse movement to the top left of the screen so my mouse mileage is minimal.

That’s pretty much it.

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I installed KDE plugin that lets me set video files as a background and use it on my lock screen.

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These days I leave it mostly stock. I only change the theme, the wallpaper and some keyboard shortcuts, be it Xfce or something else.
I do not use Gnome but when or if I am using it I do not even change the theme, no extensions either.
Though Plasma always overwhelms me with its options so at first I do not touch anything but then come the annoyances like single click to open folders or no favorites in Dolphin by default and you have to get your hands dirty and it gets tiresome.

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I feel the same way about Plasma!
It looks great, but there’s not that much stuff I feel I want to change.

I am a long-time Gnome user. Every year or so I do reinstall KDE and give it a spin, I always make my way back to Gnome.

With Gnome, I have so far been able to remove or customize everything I’d like control over:

  • Swap Nautilus for Nemo and re-enable desktop icons; everything I want to configure on the desktop or file manager is available in Nemo
  • I dislike the stock menu bar, so I use the Dash to Panel plugin for the top bar
  • Plank for my favorites/app launcher
  • Wallpaper, shell themes and icons are all easily changed
  • Various other little things like transparency/notification placement are easily adjusted with existing plugins… I have 8 plugins currently active for small features.

I know I’m in the minority when I say, Gnome just doesn’t get in my way. :slight_smile: We’ll see if I can say the same after Gnome 40.

Very surprised all of the replies so far don’t customize their desktop much!

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I use stock Plasma on openSUSE Tumbleweed. The only mod I make is to enable double click to open. If I feel saucy, I’ll change the wallpaper and maybe if I remember I will change the fonts to the IBM Plex family. I use my computer in a well lit environment so I usually don’t even need dark mode.

I use Linux Mint Cinnamon as my daily driver and it’s mostly as it comes out of the box. I have done a few minor tweaks such as dark theming and some other minor theming changes. The biggest change is the wallpapers which are all photographs I have taken over the years. There are some really good wallpapers out there, but this is what makes my setup individual to me. I also have done the same with my W10 laptop, something I have done since my Win XP days.

I’ve put KDE Plasma Manjaro on a Ventoy stick and would like to eventually like to have a look at tweaking that once I get it running on a VM. Looks like a lot of fun and reminds me of when I had a play with Mandrake ~20 years ago. @MichaelTunnell’s video on KDE and what he showed on DL 214 has piqued my interest :slightly_smiling_face:

Using Gnome here, I changed the “Activities” text to a “gnome foot” icon. I also installed Plank and set the font to “Free mono bold” which I think looks really cool. Finally I set to shell theme to chrome os dark. Looks nice.

Oh yeah my wallpaper is Bean from disenchantment.