Desktop Conkys (Conkies?)

Lets see Conky setups! I recently got back into it after a few months of not using it.

The one I’m using is definitely on the minimal side of things. Here’s the theme. Did a little chopping on it - like the Pop!_OS colors :wink:

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Conky is one of those things I haven’t made up my mind if I love or hate. I try it for a while, amend the thing to add things I want to see, then get fed up of all the clutter on the screen and turn it off. Then a month later I start again…

Mostly I think I find it a distraction, I do like the Conky Toggle that Peppermint (and others) have to just turn it on and off.


Yeah, I’ve noticed that too over the times I’ve used it. It’s a love/hate type of utility. Lets see how long I let it run before I change my mind :upside_down_face:

I settled on using Polybar and just displaying the information that was vital to me to have visible all the time.

It takes from the same concept, just that you have the information available at all times, and you don’t see what you don’t need. Pretty powerful stuff, with a lot of customization available.


Wow. That is intriguing. Gonna have to do some digging it seems to find a deb package. Thank you for bringing polybar to light, never heard of it

You’te welcome! There’s a lot of sharing configs over at