Desktop computer for Linux

I’ve been lucky my place of work gives away old desktop computers,I’ve got 5 so far 2 that are good HP elite 8300 I5 3750 in each added 240 gig ssd’s, WiFi card to one of them and memory 16 gigs on one 7 on other, this has made it fun for getting into Linux, and three computers that I parted out, so check with your employer and see if this is an option, keep the land fills from filling. I like the topic on laptops still looking for a starter.


I asked about old computers at the office where I worked last and sadly they’re all leased.

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This is great. I’m glad there are companies out there that are consciously redistributing hardware. Bravo for taking advantage of that opportunity!

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Yes I have been glad.

Maybe the lease company might have good prices on used ones.

They stripped the hard drives and memory, that’s why they have ssd’s. but you are correct and very good info.