Decentralized Networks

easy build

Linux (x86-64bit)
tar xvpfz ZeroNet-py3-linux64.tar.gz
cd ZeroNet-linux-dist-linux64/
Start with: ./
Open the ZeroHello landing page in your browser by navigating to:
Tip: Start with ./ --ui_ip '*' --ui_restrict your.ip.address to allow remote connections on the web interface.
How can I create a ZeroNet site?
Shut down zeronet if you are running it already

$ siteCreate
- Site private key: 23DKQpzxhbVBrAtvLEc2uvk7DZweh4qL3fn3jpM3LgHDczMK2TtYUq
- Site address: 13DNDkMUExRf9Xa9ogwPKqp7zyHFEqbhC2
- Site created!
Congratulations, you're finished! Now anyone can access your site using http://localhost:43110/13DNDkMUExRf9Xa9ogwPKqp7zyHFEqbhC2

make and share your own zeronet site for free!!!
/and again, no1 has an ip on zeronet

Please share your favorite or helpfull Decentralized Networks

P.S. (As of 2016 there was no way to take down a ZeroNet page which still had seeders,thus making such pages immune to third-party methods of taking them down, including DMCA takedown notices. By default, sites have a size limit of 10 megabytes, but users may grant a site permission to use more storage space if they wish.)


Is this similar to the Beaker project?

idk, did u read the wiki? idk what beaker is?

It’s a browser that is used to create peer to peer decentralized web hosting.