Debian Buster or Debian Bullseye

Some time back I updated hardware by installing a 1 TB nvme drive on my desktop. It was partitioned roughly in half. I then cloned my EndeavourOS to one of the primary partitions of the nvme drive with the intent to install some sort of Debian distro onto the other partition for a multi-boot system.

I’ve decided to install Debian on the other partition. It is one of the few distros that I know of which has a discreet step in the installation process to NOT install a bootloader. I don’t need it since Grub is already installed. (If anyone can recommend another distro that has a simple discreet step to not install a bootloader that would be appreciated, preferably something in the Debian family.)

I am not nearly as technically adept as many here. The question is whether I should go ahead and install Debian Buster; install the latest release candidate for Debian Bullseye; or wait for Debian Bullseye stable to be released?

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Debian Bullseye is completely frozen now. Barring any major bugs, and this is Debian we are talking about, what you install now is what you’ll get.

I recommend grabbing the RC3 installer and installing Bullseye.


I totally second Bullseye. There is no gain in installing the “old” Buster release.


I’m a long-term user of Debian, and given how thoroughly I know they test, I’m very tempted to upgrade to Bullseye now, before the official release! I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:


One of my favorite parts of Debian is how you can just replace instances of “stable” wtih “bullseye” (or whatever release is next) in your /etc/apt/sources.list and it’ll not only move you to the next release when you update but it’ll stick with it as it’s transitioned to stable.

“If you would rather track the Bullseye release as it becomes stable, update your apt sources replacing “stable” or “testing” with “bullseye”.”

I think to move you also need to use full-upgrade or dist-upgrade with apt rather than upgrade.

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade

This is true - my heart keeps saying upgrade now… but I’ll try to discipline myself to wait!