DDG : Introducing App Tracking Protection for Android

DuckDuckGo is launching App Tracking Protection for Android into beta, a new feature in our existing app that will block third-party trackers like Google and Facebook lurking in other apps.

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It’s about time we see some fighting back from more than just end users !!!

I really hope that this causes a huge increase in DuckDuckGo users, enough to make other notice. Although, I also know that this is futile and will only result in ‘others’ changing their tactics, not their behavior.

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The problem is marketing and convenience… Actually, the problem is convenience to all this. Apple has been marketing that they are looking out for users best interest. While convenience has been the death of it on both sides. It’s convenience that allowed companies to invade our privacy, and convenience to allow people to belive that companies like Apple actually care. Complacency then sets in…

I remember an advertisement that aired on TV way back during the early days of cell phones. The ad was for a brand that was claiming to have “the fewest dropped calls on their network”.

Now, here’s a little insight into how I think. The ad above shouts very loudly at me informing me that this company definitely has issues with dropped calls.

Apple is running a PR spin job here trying to “influence” those that don’t know any better that Apple is the better choice when it comes to privacy. What this tells me is that Apple wants in on the data game. Saying it doesn’t make it so !!!

I don’t know that convenience is the cause as much as ignorance is. Most people ignore the issue and assume that it cannot be prevented. Cell phones are a perfect example. Most people are familiar that most phones are either Apple or Google Android-based. Neither are good choices, but they don’t know of any other alternative. The sad fact that is that most people don’t take the time to educate themselves about the data privacy issues. Although, more and more is being written about it these days, so people are becoming aware.

IMHO, the fix for this is to stop buying data collection devices. This will create an opportunity for someone to come along and create an alternative. This is where the convenience issue comes in. Big Tech companies have studied this and know that most people are not willing to give up some level of convenience. For me personally, I won’t allow any voice operated service in my house. That means no alexa, no TV’s that include microphones in their remotes, etc. In the not to distance future I will have a hard time buying a new TV. Go try to find a DVD/Blu-Ray player today that does not require internet connectivity. I use Roku, but am already looking for an alternative because Roku has joined to the voice-search data-gathering movement. Looks like Kodi will be replacing my Roku devices.

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That is a good example how it works now. I found a Blu-Ray player that actually does only this, playing discs and we own a TV that is not smart. To find both, especially the TV, was an adventure. Everything can be connected together through HDMI and is used with a RasPi and an external drive that serves local media. “Modern” but only the Pi can connect to the internet running Kodi.