Dam Roku, keeping making it more difficult to block network activity

Windows firewall seems to be able to do the trick with a block on “any IP address” in the remote scope setting. The problem is, if you block everything, the device refuses to actually connect. That actually makes a lot of sense, I wonder though exactly how much I have to let through in order for the connection to proceed.

I was, ss you all were, able to block a decent amount (not all) of the roku activity, but recent updates have completely denied users the FREEDOM to choose what does and does not connect. That’s what happens when your business model requires an ad revenue, to keep the business going, you must deny users their networking rights.

So, I’ll be working on this because pi-hole is nearly if not entirely ineffective now. I have blocked in the firewall, but even that seems to somehow get through, but if I do a block all, I guess it can’t even get outside the firewall. This is just a heads up, as it was discussed on the show a couple times, and want to keep you in the loop.

Yeah, I give up. I did a block from all the way up to my internal network address. Made another from-to group of -

And this seemed to work, loading no ads on the screen. I did not test the menus, as wireshark activity was quite a bit lower, without near the network activity, bouncing from back to my dns address locally.

But then I reboot the tv, through the menu, and all hell broke loose. So I no longer understand how to block this stuff, or how it is bypassing the firewall. If anyone has a real firewall like opnsense to test with, it would be great to understand what has changed.