Cure for distrohoppitis: Children Of A Dead Earth

My name is Rampantpanda and I am a distrohopper.
If I have a working install, I need to tweak it until it breaks and if it doesn’t, I wonder if I should really use plasma instead? And after that, MATE because it’s green.

Then I installed Children Of A Dead Earth.

Now all my tinkering needs are met by missile guidance systems and optimizing rocket thrust. My linux installs are safe and stable, free from the nervous tweaking by my idle hands.

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Looks awesome. But, if i’m not mistaken, there’s no port for Linux?
Still, it’s nice to read that all your tinkering needs have been met with. :grin:
(On second thought, could it run on PlayonLinux or Lutris? Maybe that way, it “could” run on Linux. Not natively, but still…)

There is no cure! Even when I am happy, it isn’t enough. Someone please stop me, choice can be destructive. With Windows or MacOS we just used what they gave us. With Linux, we can hop and tweak and hop and…

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Hop till I drop. Antix alpha 1 today on metal.Lean and mean.

It works with Proton in Steam.

One minor gripe is that it was nicer to answer “ I’m doing a backup and system upgrade” than “I’m trying to get this railgun hitting something” when my wife asks me what I’m doing.

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Or, farming to get fame isn’t a good reply also. :grin: I’d go with option number one too.
Just checked ProtonDb (which i should have done in the first place) and it’s platinum.
Thanks for the tip!