Crunchbang Wallpapers? #!

Anyone know where I can find a stash of the old Crunchbang Wallpapers?

Was looking for a cityscape background on a mono black and white background that used to be my favourite background image of all time.

Doing some sniffing around… I found a failed crowdfund project to make a repo for cunchbang assets:
CrunchBang File Repository - a Community crowdfunding project in Halifax by tadah

I tried the artwork section of the forum but it seems all the pictures have been deleted or the forum isn’t serving them and forum registration is disabled.

So I tried at a date closely following the date of the last post in that section (late 2015) and success, the posts are populated with lots of mostly broken links but on a long shot what you’re looking for might be in there:

BunsenLabs is a community successor to Crunchbang and in ~late 2015-ish? they moved to their own forum with the same forum software/section format so there’s also this Artwork section but it’s all Bunsen Labs.

There’s also CrunchBang++ and CrunchBang-Monara.

Going through their repos or perhaps installing their various versions may reveal what you’re looking for in the background folders.

Also was it this background?

No luck on CrunchBang++ 9 or 10.1

EDIT: See my post below for the official .png file.


That was the one…

Is that a scaled down version or full sized?

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Hey. Glad I could find it. The forum software took the .png and compressed it into a .jpg. I have it and all the other CrunchBang 9 wallpapers on my server.

The original resolution is indeed 1680x1050 as that was the swanky screen size at the time.

Hopefully this will embed the real .png file.

It looks like it did. I have a .tar.gz of all the Crunchbang 9 wallpapers too.

Crunchbang 9 Wallpapers (.tar.gz)

For posterity, #! Crunchbang 9 wallpapers:


Now I am getting nostalgic.


For even more posterity, the #! Crunchbang 11 (and 10) wallpapers.

June 24th EDIT: So I finally got my hands on a rare Crunchbang 10 ISO image. The wallpapers were unchanged between versions 10 and 11. So for all you completists out there, you were already finished collecting :smile:

Definitely not as cool as the #! 9 wallpapers.

Crunchbang 11 (and 10) Wallpapers (.tar.gz)

If I remember correctly Crunchbang 9 was also a better release.

I enjoyed CrunchBang 9, but also 10 and 11. Shame it was discontinued. Would have been nice to see it handed over to the community like Solus has done. :slight_smile:

Solus CrunchBang Spin !!

It is not exactly like it used to be but the Crunchbang community still exists and they created Bunsenlabs. I would definitely check them out. It is officially the successor to Crunchbang.

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