Create .deb file from a snap file

As with some other Linux users, I have an allergy towards snap packages.

I’m wondering if there is some way to create a .deb file from a snap file? I’ve been a long-time de-buntu user but have never created packages more complicated than using the checkinstall utility. I noticed that Arch’s user repository has repackaged versions of snap applications (e.g., AUR (en) - authy) and am wondering about 1) whether this is a good idea and 2) if so, how one would go about doing it.

You might want to check this topic out.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I think I found something even better, at least from my perspective.

After installing the makedeb utility, some light editing of the AUR PKGBUILD file and I have a deb for Authy that works, as far as my testing goes.

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That’s kinda crazy that he makes a program that gets rid of snaps, when wasn’t he a big part of the snap team?

It’s not that it gets rid of it, more so that it makes it portable. Yes, he was on the Snap team but if you read the “readme” he says it should not be taken as an opinion of the Snap project.

Personally, I find that since Flatpak has gotten better, I have been using more Flatpaks than Snaps but for quite a while, I was very Snap heavy on openSUSE because of the selection of applications.

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For completeness, another one from the (former) snap camp that made a tool so you can find all kinds of deb packages and install them like with apt.