Cosmic Frontier: Overdrive on the SteamDeck?

Yes, getting a bit impatient for this Kickstarter project to move into overdrive.

Can we have this as Steam Deck Verified on day one??

Okay, Okay… should not get my hopes up.
But hoping it runs well on Linux.

Might have to chip in some money to help them reach those stretch goals, and Proton compatibility or Native Linux build should be in there somewhere.

“Cosmic Frontier: Override will initially be released on Mac, Windows and Linux. We intend to make it available via digital platforms such as Steam, GOG, Epic, etc.”

“The renderer is still powered by OpenGL (or Metal if it is available on macOS), but the groundwork has been laid to include DirectX and/or Vulkan in the future if it becomes necessary. This is thanks to the improved architecture.”