Copying dvds

Im trying to rip some dvds I own, whats a good app?

The only one I have experience with ripping DVDs is Handbrake, Lots of customisation options.


Cool I will check it out!

Also, makemkv would be the other one to check out.

The linux version is available for download through their forum: MakeMKV 1.17.6 for Linux is available -

It is still being developed despite the dated look of the website. :wink:

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Cool will do!

Handbrake is a very good utility, used it many times. [Flathub]

MakeMKV is also very good but I mostly used it on the command line so not sure how good the GUI is. [Flathub]

I also used to use Brasero but I think it might not be maintained anymore. [Flathub]

I have startes using Handbreak and the Brasero Ive used for cd projects. Thanks!

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