Convertible Tablet

I recently got a Convertible Tablet as my “Digital Pad” with a stylus (HP Elite X2, Core M5). So far just tried using OpenSuse Tumbleweed and it was ok. I only seemed to get additional “tablet Optimizations” when I downloaded and switched to GNOME from KDE. Any suggestions of Desktop environments, tools, and/or Distro implementations that can provide an optimal convertible experience.

Budgie perhaps?

I worry about the dev politics with regards to that DE.

You mean the switch from GTK to EFL?

There seemed to be a foul negativity and bad energy associated with Budgie development from what I hear when I was using it many years before. Not sure if it had changed, but don’t want to get short changed support due to this issue.

I would pick Budgie over GNOME any day of the week, specifically if we are talking about their politics

@JJ4884 I have a few convertible tablets. All of them are running Gnome 41 as I write this. Gnome 41 gestures work as I would expect them to on a tablet let device but I’ve add more with Touché and that really helps the experience. I’m pretty happy with the performance overall. As much as I like Plasma, with Plasma if you will need to manually configure the interface to be optimized to how you want to use it in a tablet form factor. Another option would be to try Phosh or Plasma Mobile. I have Phosh running on a tablet works great but squeakboard (the on screen keyboard doesn’t adapt yet to larger screens.