Contacting anybody on the forum

I’m still new to Discord and don’t have much experience using forums. How would I ask a particular user a question on a topic?

Click on the symbol representing your account in the upper right hand side of the page. At the top of the pop-up window is a row of icons, the 3rd one is a picture of an envelope and represents the forums messaging system.

Click on the envelope twice and you will be forwarded the messaging interface for the forum where you can create a new message.

Hope this helps.


You can also just click on the photo or the avatar of a member directly from a thread and then you can message them.


Thank you, that was helpful. Double-clicking on the avatar was not obvious.

It is just one click.

Single click does not work for me. Upon clicking on my avatar, I have to click twice on the envelope to get to the full mail interface. YMMV.

OK, that is interesting.

Well, thank you everybody for the help.

private messages are an option as mentioned by others here but if you want to alert someone to a specific thread you can use the @mention system in a post on the thread. You can @ tag them by typing @ and then their username which should show from a dropdown based on a few letters. This will ping the user to be notified about that particular thread.

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