Contacting a DLN Show Member

I’m trying to figure out how to contact any one of the DLN show members just through email such as Micheal Tunnell. Email is really my preferred method of
communication. Is this possible?

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Your best bet is probably through the contact page and provide your email address


The contact form is going to be your best way to get a hold of any of us. Just address the email to the person and it will it get forwarded to them.


How would I find a contact form? I don’t know how to contact anybody through the forum. Even when I clicked on the user profile, I don’t see any contact information. Understand that I don’t often use forums nor do I use chat clients.

New users can do everything except initiate a PM.

You can @ someone on a forum thread like this one. Ex: @Ulfnic
and as Dave mentioned there’s the contact page which has an Email address: (just provide in the description who it should be forwarded to)

Just got the official word, the email to use is and per-show emails are in the works. :slight_smile:

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That is good to hear. This would make the forum more user friendly. Thank you.