Computing without internet?!

This is linked to my post about plans for using Linux in new ways in the coming year.

Given how much the internet has basically changed almost everything in the world during this past quarter-century or-so… to what extent are you still able to manage your day-to-day computing needs without needing a constant connection to the internet? (I know we need a connection from time to time for security updates etc., info lookup, but that aside?)

I think it would make an interesting experiment to only switch on internet access for the minimal times we absolutely need it!


I primarily build website, manage servers and things like that which pretty much precludes me from going offline. There are some things I do like having a local media server for music and movies but for the most part, I have to have internet. I could probably cut back on social media or watching YouTube videos but otherwise I’m not sure what else I could do.

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