Coming Changes | Linux Out Loud 71

This week, Linux Out Loud chats about changes coming to the show.

Welcome to episode 71 of Linux Out Loud. We fired up our mics, connected those headphones as we searched the community for themes to expound upon. We kept the banter friendly, the conversation somewhat on topic, and had fun doing it.

00:00:00 Introductions
00:00:57 84+ Hours in Phasmo
00:06:45 Junction
00:10:41 Kodi
00:23:21 Coming Changes
00:28:42 Laptop Search
00:37:52 Tech Updates
00:44:17 Game Sphere
00:52:58 Close




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Have you tried Ubuntu Studio with that Nvidia card / Krita combo?

Raw honesty.

I live in the terminal / sysadmin side of Linux with minimal interest beyond the shell and that makes me a hard audience to serve for general Linux stuff.

The show puts out occasional S-tier episodes, my favorite being your response to Lunduke on Linux sustainability which beat every creator i’m aware of by a country mile. Interestingly when the show puts out an S-tier, it tends to be a topic everyone else struggles with and you can do with quality.

Though (because of my interests) the average show doesn’t give me useful or greater-than-vaguely-interesting information unless it’s problem solving. I listen because of the authenticity of the hosts and how genuine the playfulness is. It’s something unique to the show that’s hard to find in any genre.

In terms of the new direction I really like it, ideally the show should help you do things in concert with the show, not just for the show. How you solved problems is also a universal language and more time for self-reflection goes a long way.

Thank you for the episodes and looking forward to the future.

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No, but that is a good idea!

Thank you @Ulfnic!

However, I have to be honest. I’m not sure what S-tier is.

It’s a type of ranking where S-tier (Super-tier) is above all other ranks “A,B,C,D,E,F” and tends to mean untouchable or beyond exceptional.


I was catching up with this episode and it was so full of topics right up my alley I couldn’t refrain from commenting :laughing:

Kodi : I’ve used Kodi for a few years now, the last two on a Raspberry Pi4 with LibreElec. I use online scrappers and yes you have to be precise on the titles. Most of the time it’s not difficult though and when it doesn’t work I look on the scrapper website how the media is spelled and it does the trick. so far there’s only one movie (1 !) I can’t get into the system (still have to investigate that).

Handbrake : the oldest software I still use today ! I started more than 20 years ago on Mac OS encoding DVD with it. It was soooo long, hours upon hours leaving my PowerMac G4 running all night long :sweat_smile: Fast forward today and changing from h264 to h265 was really a game changer. I also have a little more than 14 tb on the NAS but I still like to optimize space. I’m still in awe how “small” a 4K movie can be without dropping on quality.

Nvidia : don’t think I’ll change your mind and honestly AMD is looking so good it might not be a good idea but if you wanted a perfect Nvidia experience on Linux here I am :smiley: I bought a MSI GE66 with a Nvidia RTX 2070 two and a half year ago. I’ve been distro hopping a lot and never got issues like you described. Sometimes I had to install drivers but the video card never posed a problem :man_shrugging: I played a little with Krita but it’s nowhere near what you explain so it’s not a perfect match. I read a lot of reviews, advices before buying as I was new to Linux and MSI came recommended multiple times. They were not wrong :+1:

Baldur’s Gate 3 : I’ve grown up playing Ad&D and other tabletop rpg. Of course I played BG 1 & 2, even took part of translating / correcting text for Beamdog when they released the remastered version ! I can’t wait to play BG3 but I know I’ll need a lot of free time for that so not right now :roll_eyes:

Otherwise like Ulfnic said I like the direction you want for the show, I think it will highlight one of your strength : authenticity :smiley: I’m not interested in the video update as I’m used to listen while driving or doing chores. Not really a problem though unless it starts a more visual approach that would make the audio difficult.

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There are going to be a few visual things, that just happens when the video is on. Before, when we were audio only, we didn’t even turn on our cameras. For the most part, the content will be the same.

I really don’t want an NVIDIA card, but I’m looking into them for editing purposes. I’ve also had good luck with products from MSI. I’ve dropped enough cash in the last week I’m not doing the change-up right now, but it is something I’m keeping an eye on.

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No one who’s sane and uses Linux wants an Nvidia but man is good for AI :3

The crazy days of Nvidia for me were in the 4.xx kernel – but even then it was just esoteric cli commands to make it work after each upgrade. Nowadays, piece of cake. In fact seamless.

From my experience, it’s as if the problems with Nvidia are a myth. But then I only use Ubuntu Studio and run LTS which is made for creators.


Our battles with the Nvidia card in my daughter’s laptop are no myth, but then it isn’t a new laptop and has a funky hardware configuration too.

Because I’m using DaVinci Resolve with AMD graphics it is really pushing my CPU. I may have no choice but to go Nvidia in my system.