Cloud services (private)

Hi all,

Don’t give much for G-drive, OneDrive or that kind of services. But on the other hand - I don’t want to store my data in-house on a NAS/Server.
Which is why I’m looking for at good solution based on some kind of cloud based in the EU where I secure can connect all family devices. Actually a wide bunch of different mobile and laptop/desktop devices, with a lot of OS’s: iOS, macOS, Windows, Android, Linux…

Right now we’re using the following cloud services: G-drive, OneDrive, iCloud, jottacloud (a Norwegian cloud provider) plus the one I forgot :wink:

All in all I need a universal solution to bind all this devices safe together. And an EU location would be preferred.

Any idea to a solution?

Thanks //T

seafile or nextcloud hosted on a VPS with block storage backend might be an option to explore.


Thanks for your ideas :slight_smile:

Seafile is unknown to me. But will look into it.
Already started looking at nextcloud.
VPS - is?


VPS = virtual private server, virtual machine in the cloud basically. e.g. Digital Ocean.
Seafile is fast, and does not have many extra features like nextcloud. I prefer it because of this, just simple sync.

Ye, try it out when you get chance to.

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I’ll suggest that whatever you use please make sure to have regular backups of your critical data, particularly if you are self-hosting something. I think it’s great that Nextcloud exists and is pretty easy to install and configure but realize that managing your own server carries it’s own risks, not least of which is the potential for security breaches and data loss. At a minimum perform the steps listed in the Initial Server Setup guide. I’m not trying to scare anyone away from running their own servers but do want people to realize that hosting providers aren’t going to manage everything for you so you have to be willing to do some sysadmin work yourself.


Oddly I was looking into cloud storage providers earlier this morning before seeing this topic :joy:

I’d looked at a lot of providers, and the following stood out:

Google Drive (£8 p/m for 2Tb)
MS Onedrive (£6 p/m for 1Tb - gets you Office 365 too)
pCloud (£8 per TB - encryption is a paid-for addon)
Tresorit (Expensive £16 p/m for 2Tb - encrypted)
Mega (£10 for 500Gb p/m - encrypted)
Dropbox (£8 p/m for 2Tb - encrypted)

The best value ones are Google or Dropbox, and DB gives encryption at rest & in transit, and Google are likely to scan stored files as they normally do, so DB may be the best of these options.

So can dropbox apparently, unless you encrypt/decrypt on both sides yourself with your own keys:

Dropbox doesn’t provide for client-side encryption. Dropbox also doesn’t support the creation of your own private keys. However, Dropbox users are free to add their own encryption. There are many third party applications that provide encryption at both the file and container level. Visit our community forums for more information.

I’m not saying they do but I have no reason to trust them either.

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Duplicati works great to sync to a third party cloud storage, your files can leave encrypted and arrive encrypted with your own keys.


Owncloud is also an option with mobile apps available.

You could put that up on Digital Ocean Spaces Object Storage starting at $5 a month with 250GB of storage
DO goes have backups available for extra fee. You should sign up using the DL code for $50 credit.

Admittedly, I just “discovered” Duplicati, and now I have it on all three of my Linux boxes… although, I use it to backup to a NAS storage on the network. Really really good stuff. :stars:

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Roughly how much data do you want to store?

I ask, because I purposely keep my data needs in the cloud small, not being an “archivist”, or a “hoarder”. I’m also the sort of person who wants root access on the cloud servers I use, so I can install whatever storage solution I want, like Nextcloud (from snap) or syncthing (both are relatively easy to install).

I just rent a couple of $5US/month VPS’ from Linode, they have a datacenter in Frankfurt, Germany. They gradually open new datacenters in other places too, with newer ones in Singapore and Bangalore. I’ve been happy with their service (customer for 2 years now), and love their “LISH” service, for console access (which I ssh into), which is sort of like a back-door into your own server, should your ssh server somehow fail you (say, if you’re trying to add your own sophisticated VPN service with Wireguard, and screw up somehow).

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