Choice for new phone

My Samsung 7 Edge has seen better days. It’s still in a good condition except that of course it doesn’t hold a charge all that well anymore and is running a rather Android 8. I’m thinking about getting a new phone. I know we’re all gungho for Linux here but I need a daily driver. I’m looking at the Pixel 4a so I can install GrapheneOS on it.

Any thoughts?

Looks like you’re good to go for a GrapheneOS Pixel 4A:

Frequently Asked Questions | GrapheneOS

I’ve no experience flashing Pixels, i’d just recommend you ask if the bootloader is unlockable and make sure you can return it if you can’t unlock it.

Different carriers lock out bootloaders and i’ve flashed a few Sony phones all of the same model and 50% of them couldn’t be unlocked.

FairPhone 3 might be worth considering but you’ll have to LineageOS:

Info about FP3 | LineageOS Wiki

If you want a LineageOS on pre-flashed Pixel i’d recommend the Brax store:

Rob Braxman


I’m ordering the phone directly from the Google Play Store. That way I know what I’m getting and can make sure it’s unlocked.

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My last phone was purchased from Ting. I am not a heavy mobile user so the plan that they offer works best for me. I purchased my last phone, a Moto G6, directly from them for $100 or so. They come unlocked, which is nice.

I am super cheap and I prefer to do my work on laptop so I don’t need a “flagship phone”. Not sure what your requirements are but I don’t need anything more than access to a web browser, bank app and Pokémon Go. :slight_smile: