Charliebrownau Recommended Alt List

Charliebrownau Recommended Alt tech List - Sept/2021

  • Fakebook >> Creation.Social + Loop + Twellit

  • Twatter >> Self Hosted Masterdon/pleroma

  • Youtube >> Joswhotv or Peertube

  • Streaming >> Entropy + + JoshwhoTV or self hosted

  • Google E-Mail >> Guerrillamail or Self Hosted or Protonmail

  • Google & DDG Search >> SearX / Swisscows / Qwant / Brave Search

  • Google Maps >> OpenStreetMap (OSM)

  • Podcast hosting >> Speaker

  • Medium/blog hosting >> Publish0x

  • Skype/video chat >> Jitsi Meet

  • Whatsapp/fb/etc >> Session / / XMPP

  • Discord >> Mumble or SIP VOIP

  • Reddit >> or or self hosted forum/reddit

  • Wiki >> infogalactic

  • >> @GetTogether

  • Instagram >>

  • Pastebin/pastetext >> (TOR friendly)

  • Image Upload >> TBA … pixelfed self hosted

  • Streaming chat/superchat >> Entropy +

  • Streaming software >> OBS / Simple Screen Recorder

  • Pateron >> Subscribestar + Librepay + Entropy +

  • Spreadshirt/redbubble/teespring >>

  • MS Win 8/8.1/10 >> Linux OS (PC)

  • MS Office >> Libreoffice

  • MacOSX >> Elementary OS (PC)

  • Android >> Lineage OS

  • Playstore/fdroid >> Aptoide/Apkpure

  • iOS alt app store >>

  • Alt Mobile Phone >> Pinephone or SIP

  • Alt Laptop >> Pinebook or Raspi

  • VPN (home PC) >> Mullvad VPN or Airvpn or self host

  • DNS (home PC) >> DNS.Watch

  • Domain >> Njalla + Unstoppable Domains or OpenNIC or IPFS

  • Hosting >> Vultr VPS + Lowendbox community + Nearlyfreespeech net

  • Maillist/mailchimp/Aweber >> Mailcow Mailing list

  • Project/task managment >> Focalboard -

  • Github/Gitlab >> Self hosted git or Sourcehutt

Linux Distro Recommendations

* Endeavour OS (Arch based)(Systemd)
* Mint (Ubuntu Based)(Systemd)
* Trisquel (Debian /w Liberkernal)

Without SystemD:

* MX Linux		Debian without SystemD
* Devuan		Debian without SystemD
* Artix		Arch   without SystemD
* parabola	Arch , no systemd, librekernal
* Slackware	its own thing
* Puppy		its own thing



Video Hosting alt solution - Self hosting

Self Hosting using VPS/Server and Open Source:


Web Browser Replacements / Solutions

#opensource #alt-tech #phone #browser #security


Charliebrownau - List of Platforms that censor speech :- Sept 2021

  • Goverments + UN + WHO + G20 + EU

  • Trump + TPUSA

  • Western Unis

  • Mainstream/news/papers/radio

  • Ofcom, ADL , SPLC

  • Microsoft

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Google & Youtube

  • TUMBLR & Instagram

  • Pateron

  • Stripe

  • Paypal

  • Twitch

  • Spotify

  • Apple

  • Sony

  • pin interest

  • LinkedIn

  • Mailchimp

  • Wordpress

  • mastodon

  • azure

  • Mastercard

  • Godaddy

  • Digital Ocean

  • Linode


  • Shopify

  • Cloudflare

  • pusher

  • WIKI

  • Reddit

  • teespring

  • Slack

  • coinbase


  • VISA

  • Square

  • Bitpay

  • ROKU

  • Netflix

  • Indiegogo

  • Disqus

  • Diaspora


  • Ravelry

  • Github



  • Mailgun

  • Gumroad

  • YouCaring

  • Donorbox

  • Dropbox

  • LBRY

  • anchorFM

  • Spreadshirt

  • change org

  • Freenode irc server

  • Redbubble

  • Amazon S3

  • Aweber

  • Gab

  • Minds

  • Bitchute

  • Parler


People’s Republic of Australia


Thank you, that’s quite a lot of work there.



Thanks for the fast like/comment

Over the last 5 years my research in infomration , history and poltics is ramping up

Often I hear a Great Awaking, which is clear the average person
is waking up to the multi generation lies we have been brainwashed for decades

For example Food Pymrid tree , some great info coming out about
Keto + Paleo + Caravore + Init Fasting

Turns out breakisnt ISNT the most important
and infact we are healther without
Sugar, Oils, Processed Food, Frozen crap, Pasta, Rice, Carbs, Take Away

Ive been perrsonally censored from a LOT of platforms that CLAIM to be “FREE SPEECH”
yet theirs always a line they refuse to be open and unristricted disussion

I hope my list can stay up and it wont be removed,censored or banned

From what I see self hosting, small groups and community/group funding sites/platforms/projects
is the future without

  • Goverment
  • Corporations
  • “platforms”

People’s Republic of Australia

I find everywhere I look there’s a different community with a different culture and it can be tricky to get to know some but DLN is definitely one of the most welcoming.

There’s very high quality individuals here from all over the ideological spectrum and conversations tend to be wonderful because there isn’t grand standing or ego getting in the way. Different ideas are shared in good faith, humility and mutual respect and (imho) DLN sets the example of how great a Linux community can be for all that and more.

If that’s what you’re looking for this is a good place to be.


There are limits though,

One example is you can’t post links containing highly divisive denigration and homogenization of people based on political affiliation, religious beliefs, ect.

Please check the links you post, if you’re looking to show a particular piece of information that occupies the same page as those things link the content directly or do a screenshot.

First of all: welcome and thank you for the list.
After a quick glance i have a question or two: how does diaspora censor speech and what’s up with duckduckgo?

Gday Eltuxo

  1. Dispora pods will kick you off their site/platform/instance
    they will plander to offended, emotional, upset and poltical differenal viewpoint groups/inviduals
    without the ablity to appeal or face your accusers or the ablity to debate these people

    Often its not the software, its the moderation ‘team’ , admins and the ‘rules’

    Same situlation to Minds, Gab, Masterdon instances/servers/pods/sites/etc

  2. DDG is not to be trusted

    • CEO is Gabriel {{{ Weinberg }}}

    • Videos

      DuckDuckGo Is Funding Your Enemies (Sarah Corriher)
      bitchute DOT com / video / -wePMUqnBn0/

    • DuckDuckGo Hates Us bitchute DOT com / video / raiWUwhCyJvJ/

  3. I dont trust Any corporation, Multi national company, Central Bank, Federal National Goverment or NGO
    espically when almost all of these corporations these days seem to be Poltical Activist slushfunds
    towards destruction of Western Society, Free Speech, Privacy, Knowledge or Right to repair
    along with most being Anti Consumer while avoiding accountablity

  4. Look into

    SearX, Qwant or text site search - search DOT marginalia DOT nu
    Heck even Swisscows/Brave , over {{{ google }}} or {{{ DDG }}}

You’ll have to do better than that, i’m afraid. A 2 minute video of somebody, telling me that ddg is evil, isn’t going to do it for me. I’m still happy using the service.
I don’t even know if the organizations mentioned in the video’s are my enemies. (hard to tell, because i never heard of them).

When speaking of moderation and rules, there’s nothing stopping you from hosting your own instance and having your own rules on there afaik. That way, you can say whatever you want, do whatever you want to do, invite or kick anybody you like. Which is what is happening on other instances of diaspora, mastodon, etc…


So I have talked about this before but I feel it is best to reiterate it. Email is hard, no doubt about it, but you can do a hybrid approach using iRedmail and wireguard/tinc.

iRedmail allows you to connect all your email accounts to it as a client which means you can have it picking up all your email from all your services, and then you can connect to your server over a VPN and send and receive email anywhere without the normal day to day tracking that Google and Apple do.

Then once you are comfortable with handling email you can set up a custom account with your own DNS which is forwarded from a hosting provider of your own choosing.

While it is not perfect privacy (which is impossible with email anyway) but it does cut down on tracking by having your phone used as a locator beacon whenever you pick up your email from Google or Apple.

It is a compromise, but still a step in the right direction.

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These links have to go:



I will be migrating bank accounts soon to one that doesnt force SMS 2FA and uses Email instead

I will be transfering from Mobile Phone to Hardware SIP that supports SMS sending/recive

I have NEVER found the need, want or valid reason to use Internet on a Mobile Phone

I physically leave the house/home/internet
to go outside, talk to people in real life, experince normies and visit non tech world

I dont need to have internet with me 24/7

Infact Ive gone entire periouds of time 6-12-14 months with no sms/mobile number
its the Banking system that is the last hold back from an outdated system I dont trust

In my PERSONAL view
the mobile phone is a Goverment Survlance Tracking Portable device
that tax cattle choose to pay for and allow themself to be monitered by
Goverment, Central Banks, Corporations and people that HATE freedom, privacy and Free Thought

I would rather go back too :-

Phone box’s
Paper Tickets
Phsyical coin/notes
Local Currency
Local Business’s
Trams + Walkinng
CB Radio + Pagers + Local Phone Excanges

Then this new Modern Liberal Equality Multicultural clownworld

Just because some new tech is invented, created , does not mean its better
then the old system , low tech or ananlogue

Espically when Planned Obslenace and consumerism is pushed onto us
with no choice of a better market choice/product

I disagree

Personally if you cant show links
and refer people to outside methods to contact yourself/users/others

Your supporting supression, censorship and being unhelfull

No Limits should exist on Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of region, Freedom of Thought

Its Anti Free Speech and people that refuse to tell the WHOLE TRUTH and demand to stay ‘apoltical’ while putting their head in the sand
is why we are in Western Collapse, Destruction and so many systems/groups/activities are subverted and ruined

@charliebrownau has been banned for posting links containing highly divisive denigration and homogenization of people based on political affiliation, religious beliefs, ect.


Dodged an anti-semetic bullet here. Thanks @Ulfnic for giving people way more of a chance than I would. DLN forums are still best forums.


Whew! That’s a lot to digest but like most lists it’s one person’s opinion and this one doesn’t exactly mirror my own.
However, I did find a few sites of which I was previously unaware that might bear investigating.
Some of them exist to oppose the other which is always good IMO.
I’ll wander back to Linux now.
“When the elephants are dancing, I find it’s best to stay off the dance floor.”
But it’s so hard to not to grab for the bait.

Do I detect a proponent of meritocracy or Atlas Shrugged?

Posted in jest. . Thanks for stopping by DLN.


Unfortunately I knew he was not going to last long here after I saw various links where he describes himself as an ethnic nationalist and that the white race is going to become extinct.

He also was posting on other platforms with the same stuff and agenda. I am all for free speech and I really recognize that a lot of platforms actually censor and delete stuff but there is also a fine balance of what content you want to have on your own platform and I know that DLN does not want to be associated with some weird white supremacist networks.


While I understand his points and his frustration, this is not the place for that type of content.

I come here for Linux content. I’m just say’n.