Casual use 500-750 USD AMD 6-8 cores APU miniPC / Laptop

Hi, Guys

I need a laptop/mini PC with focus on Performance, low power and quietness and upgrade abity .I will do casual work, no gaming

I built a desktop 3900x, 32GB,2060S.But a year later I found myself not using it to the max. Didn’t really get into serious PC gaming. So, will sell it. My needs are way lower.I could get away with my old i3,8gb miniPC.

I have M1 macbook air 8gb and it is excellent for my use, but cant run linux yet, so it can’t be my main machine.

I would use as desktop replacement , hook to 4k HDR TV. So, screen, KB, trackpad and battery are not priority by any means. Yet I would love a good processor, quiet,upgrade-able RAM (I found my self using less than 8GB anyways, thanks to Linux).

Use: heavy browsing, office work, perhaps 4k 60 HDR playback

My initial thought 5500 and 5700.8 or more ram , whatever ssd.

in the midrange CPUs, I saw prices are comparable miniPC Vs Laptops, so. Yet, high end 5900hx, 5800u miniPC prices are way lower than comparable laptops.

Country KSA. This HP 5500u is 620 USD. 2 year warranty

Or this 5900hx MiniPC with 75 days money back guarantee

Budget 600—>750 USD.
BTW, I have a spare 1TB NVME lying around.

The UM700

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I have no problem installing linux even for my friends and I am not so noob.
I am not sure this is powerful enough and being 4 cores is not quite future proof

Yeah, it looks decently powerful, but they have some other offerings in the small form factor. Might worth checking out.

# 2022 Beelink GTR5 AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX BT5.0 WIFI 6 SER3
32GB/512GB is 750USD is way too powerfull yet future proof
Or I may get the first one ryzen7 3750H, 16GB/256gb for 430 USD and wait on it for a year or 2 to get the ryzen 6000 or 7000 APU
What is your opinion?

I’d honestly go with this one instead:

Care to elaborate why?

Price is comparable, I can get it from Walmart (as a US resident at least), quad display, and better I/O options. 2.5" drive bay for expansion (not sure if Beelink has that or not).

These feature for me is not worth the 100USD pump to get hx90.Unless thermal performance of beelink is low due to the size.

I counted like $60 US difference, but if you don’t need the features, then there’s no reason to spend the money

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