Cast Desktop to Smart TV

Hi all!
I’m new here, so correct me if this is not the correct place and i’ll move the post.
I’m trying to stream my desktop to my LG TV, no chromecast, and I can’t find a way to get it working…
Tried Miraclecast but did not really work…

Have you got it working?

I can’t believe that Windows 10 and Android do it so easily and I am struggling to do it from Linux, I’m running Manjaro and I was hoping it would be easy enough

Am I doing something wrong or we are really that behind on that from the Desktop point of view?

Thank you in advance

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Have you tried a HDMI cable? That usually does it, if your graphics card can get the resolution right.
I have kodi installed on a raspberri pi for all my media.

Yes, HDMI works, i meant wirelessly, like Windows 10 does it

Without a Chromecast or Kodi on e.g. a Raspberry Pi I see no capability for that.

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That’s how I do it: A Raspberry Pi with LibreElec/Kodi. Then I copy the downloaded video files over wifi to the Raspberry Pi, thanks to Kodi’s built-in Samba server. How do I download videos? With a tool like youtube-dl.

Having said all this, an HDMI cable is way cheaper and simpler!

Okay, those are the options that I am aware of… but I would like to share the desktop, like cast from android or windows 10…
You dont need an extra device in the TV for android or windows, im surprise we need it with linux…

The TV is an LG and has no Chromecast capabilities

I believe windows uses DLNA? Thats why I tried Miraclecast… but did work…
Am I correct in windows or android using DLNA to cast their screens?


First of all you would need a smart TV that your LG already is I guess but then all Linux desktops are free software and do not use any proprietary technology that your Android phone or Windows desktop has to cast the screen to a smart TV. It is that simple I would say.
I am not aware of any software outside of Kodi that you can share your screen from a Linux desktop to a TV.
Yes, DLNA works also but you need a software layer for it to work, again, DLNA works with Kodi and a Chromecast.
There are even obscure add-ons that make casting your desktop possible from Firefox but to a Chromecast and there is Plex, again, Plex works with a Chromecast or Kodi, even the PlayStation. You see, all additional layers to make it work.

If your TV has an HDMI output then you can use a Chromecast even without smart TV capabilities.

Edit: If your LG TV is an Android TV, not my territory, then you might be able to cast the screen from any desktop using the Chrome browser. Chrome has, like most Android phones, a “Cast to…” icon or function. Maybe that is your solution from the very beginning!

Thank you for the reply @vinylninja, I have tried the cast option on Chromium, but the TV accepts tab and file cast but not desktop, shows “Source not Supported”… which is kind of what i was looking for…
not sure what exactly mean source not supported, but okay, I thought that the technology that android/windows use, even proprietary would be available for linux as many others are…

I’ll try Kodi again, since last time I do not remember having the option to share the screen… but I still think may be too big of a software for my purpose… I guess if it is the only option, I’d do that…

Thank you :slight_smile:

That’s cool, I didn’t know even that much worked… :slight_smile:
I like to appreciate the little things, as they work, not lament the absence of that which doesn’t work (and the Open Source world will always lag behind whatever neat new shiny thing comes out in the proprietary, closed-source world, sometimes by many years). I find I’m much happier that way.

I do appreciate that we have it working as it is, but the technology is in Windows 10 not 11 and in previous android versions… so I would not call it edge… but I understand what you are saying…
I am in Linux with the good and bad things, this will not make me swap at all but would be good to know what’s the technology behind the proprietary and we can learn from it, if it is dlna, why miraclecast did not work or was I doing something wrong?
that was the purpose of the post, I can totally live without it :slight_smile:
Thanks for the replies