Can't share sound in Zoomn (pirewire related?)

This happens in both Tumbleweed & Garuda Linux. On tumbleweed, I installed Zoom via flatpak, AUR on Garuda; no errot or anything when I try to share audio, just doesn’t do anything, shares the window fine. I use KDE on X11. About a year ago, I successfully shared sound on Tumbleweed

You could try running the flatpak with a few flags.

--socket=pulseaudio is used to allow pulseaudio access but there is currently no --socket=pipewire flag

We can see here that the zoom flatpak is already built with that flag enabled.

After a little bit of digging I found this discussion on github

Seems like --filesystem=xdg-run/pipewire-0 is the way to enable pipewire

Try that perhaps.