Cannot open Gnome Extensions preferences

I have a wierd issue with my installation of Ubuntu 20.04. For some reason i cannot open the preferences for my gnome shell extensions. Nothing is happening when i click the kogwheel in gnome tweaks. I have tried to invoke it in the terminal with the “gnome-shell-extension-prefs” with the same result. I get no error. Nothing is happening.

Any ideas out there?

Didn’t the newer version of Gnome packed in with 20.04 change the way Extensions worked? I think it’s been moved to its own separate application.

Thanks for your reply! I forgot to mention that i have tried to use the new application aswell. Same result unfortunately.

Yeah, you might have to look at the outstanding bugs list for that one. 20.04 is still alpha until the end of the month, AFAIK.

edit (better link):

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Thank you for the link @FriarDest. I will check it out! Cheers!