Candy Icon Pack

HI I am using Kubuntu 22.04 .
I have installed a candy icon pack.
My question is every time I get updates and I Select all, when the box comes up for my password before I can type it in, the icon pack updates without my password. While the system updates wait until my password is entered ?

Just wondering is that normal ?

Thank You for any replies .

How did you install this specific icon pack and how do you update your system?
Are you using the a graphical package manager?

Yes I am using the graphical package manager.
I Installed the icon pack when your in settings and it gives you the option at the bottom to get more.
then a box came up with all different icon packs. I installed it from there.

Thank You for replying

I am still not really sure about the issue but I guess you installed an outside package, in this case the icons, from a third party via the KDE settings. That always confuses me sometimes and they are installed by your user, not by root, like the rest of the system. So I would say, I see no problem with that unless someone with more knowledge says otherwise.

OK Thank You .