C64 Emulators, any alternatives to Vice?

Commodore 64 Emulators for Linux?
I know, I know… Vice.

The thing is, there is some things I am happy with Vice, some things not so much.

Frodo at one stage had a Linux build (very old), that does not work very well on modern graphics. The developer was at one stage working on a more modern SDL version…, but again ancient history. :slight_smile:

CCS64 used to be my favourite emulator that has in fact had a recent release, but chances of them going open source or supporting Linux I would rank as nil.

Some other projects that were mentioned on C64 Wiki that sound like they had intentions of supporting Linux look dead in the water. If anyone has experience of running a Linux build of any of these in the last 10 years, they can tell me differently.

Most of the development work in emulators seems focused on latter systems. Just wondering if anyone has heard word of anything C64 related?

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Hosx64 or MESS look possible alternatives to Vice? Might have to do some digging.

Think I tried getting into MESS on the C64 side years ago and gave up on it.

Hosx64 looks good, is that just a fork of Vice X64 code?

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I love the C64, it was my first computer. I tried a number of emulators years ago and they all seemed to work pretty well, In today’s world of Wayland I have no idea about compatibility. I look forward to hearing from people on this thread too!

I have tried many of them in the past but I find that VICE works best for me. I have “TheC64” machine which is a kind of replica of the Commodore 64 and it runs SUPER well on basically everything I’ve thrown at it, is very configurable and I find uses some modified version of VICE underneath.

That said, it’s good to explore!


Anyone here tried the Denise C64 emulator on Linux?

Download suggests it is fine tuned for Ubuntu, hopefully not a Snap.

So I have been comparing GTK3 Vice-3.8 with Vice 3.1 ~ 3.6.

Must say that I am impressed. Given the continuing development that Vice gets it makes it hard to recommend any other C64 emulator for Linux.

What can I say, I like options and I still wish I had CCS64 as an option on Linux.

(more then just a colour palette on Vice)