BTRFS Guide: Getting Started with BTRFS


To that excellent guide, I would in addition recommend this awesome tutorial on the usage of “snapper”, which is a CLI tool which automates the creation and management of snapshots. It’s sort of like Timeshift, but not GUI (so snapper is great for headless servers, while Timeshift is moreso for the desktop).

If you ever make your own headless NAS, with BTRFS on your served-out disks, you’ll probably want to use snapper.


Thank you for this guide. I’ve never looked at btrfs before. I’ll be reading this with interest.

It isnt Better Than Reiser File System …it’s the same thing but updated

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Thanks for the feedback. I didn’t include snapper so that I could keep the article specific to the vanilla btrfs commands. I do agree that snapper makes things much easier.

Thank you!

Should also add a mention of Snapper as that fully realises the potential benefits of regular snapshotting.