Bspwm, likes and dislikes

I’ve been gifted a chance to work with maintenance on a bspwm community edition.

I wanted to ask others in the linux world:

What do you like about bspwm?
What could be better?
What do you absolutely hate?
Do you have a cool rc file to share?

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I just started using bspwm, and I don’t think I have enough experience with it to give valuable feedback… but, coming from i3, the way in which the windows resize (during tiled mode) seems restrictive. Maybe I haven’t tinkered enough with the bindings, but with i3, the windows could be resized (left or right, up or down) keeping within the (one) active window. With bspwm, there is an extra step to resize both ways by making the other window active to shrink/grow the original window.

That’s my initial quirk so far, but then again, there might be an easy fix for this!

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