Browser alternatives anyone?

So Google is locking out V2 in latest builds, this will effect Chrome, Chromium, Vivaldi and probably Brave.

Time to look at other options that do not use googles blink engine?

(Is it still called blink?)

So Apple takes WebKit and adds what it needs to for its browser engine

At one stage Google then worked on what was left after Apple was finished with the code, and created Blink.

Anything wrong with going back to WebKit for new browser?

Why not Firefox ?


Yeah, getting back into the Firefox options.

Been using Firefox and Pale Moon browsers for a while. Just started looking at the Mercury Browser which is based on Firefox.

Someone mentioned recently that Firefox / Mozilla had taken over the Midori project. So… options. :slight_smile:

Isn’t the Gnome browser based on WebKit?

It does! WebkitGTK, their port of WebKit.

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Someone mentioned recently that Firefox / Mozilla had taken over the Midori project. So… options.

Well not really. What happened is the company that owns Midori recently switched from Blink to Gecko engine, and re-based their browser on Floorp which is really good no nonsense browser based on Firefox. I have used Floorp and like it a lot, I would put it on par with Vivaldi which is my second choice for a browser (first being Firefox).

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Firefox!!! Nothing more to say.
Google lurks you in just like with other service, once you are dependent on all their services, they change/break/remove stuff.


Wait, I read that correctly, Midori is now based on Gecko? How cool is that and there is even another one, Floorp.

Seeing as the development of Mercury / Thorium has been “unstable” to say the least recently, I would just move to Firefox.

I personally have been on Firefox consistently since my permanent move to Linux over a decade ago. The Multi-Container option is simply GOLD. The scripts to lock down the browser as much as you want have solid backing from the community with hundreds of contributors. Extensions can be migrated from Chrome to Firefox now ! , for those who use extensions that is.

People rarely speak of LibreWolf and it is VERY solid option for those wanting Privacy first.

Yesterday evening, I removed Google Chrome for good from my laptop, and even removed the Fedora Repo for it from my machine. I started seeing pop-ups about “signing in with google” more than I would see ads on a web page, there have been other anomalies as well.

I go back to the comment about Mercury, the project is small and has had trouble of late, the one thing you should be the most concerned about on your computer is your Web Browser. Trusting some High School/College student with your internet security is a BIG NO NO for me., as jovial as a kid can be, issues do arise and they have on the project.

Atomic Elements as Web Browsers?

No matter which element on the Periodic table decides to become a browser next :
Bromite (Possible correlation, play on word to Bromine)
Or how terrible the name is UNgoogled-chromium

1 thing is for certain, The software we must be the most vigilant on is the Web Browser.

Ethereal Mammals as Web browsers?

Firefox forks are no different in choosing names based on imaginary animals, Magical creatures or Chimeras of both !

ArkenFox This is actually a fantastic user.js file for Firefox and compatible browsers and not an actual browser itself, but the name alone gives it a spot on the list.
LibreWolf Possibly a take on being the lone wolf?! But an Excellent browser alternative.
Ghostery Browser
Pale Moon

Running Experimental Browsers?

If you are a content creator or jump the gun consistently on “The Blazingly Fast” Next Best Web browser, Maybe we should consider some things first :thinking:

:hammer_and_wrench: SECURITY !
We all want to play with the coolest toys compiled from source with the best compiler flags available, but we should not compromise our security for convenience or enjoyment. Why not both?!

:package: Containers :package:
If you are on a proper distribution of Linux, (Fedora, Arch, OpenSuse, Debian, Gentoo) maybe running a container would allow us the fun of playing with these cool pieces of software and provide the security we need.

Running a systemd-nspawn container with the proper SELinux svirt_sandbox permissions, an OCI compliant image (Docker, Podman), a toolbox or distobox session can accomadate all our needs and isolate the software of choice !

:desktop_computer: Virtual machines
You know what to do here. . .

Whichever technology you choose, make sure to think of security, privacy first.


I have given up about privacy. If you use am Android Phone you already lost. If you use social media, you’re lost again and your ISP will also try to sell your stuff.

I’m mainly interested in security and reliability. So I use Ubuntu, OpenZFS and Virtualbox. I use 6 VMs (4x Ubuntu and 2x Windows (XP and 11)) to spread the security and reliability risks. I even use Microsoft Edge in an Ubuntu VM for Social Media Messengers, because it uses less memory. The VM I use for finances is used exclusively for that purpose and it is encrypted.

I had 2 attacks in the last decennial and both happened in the last 2 years. One through Email and one through the browser. I solved it by rolling back the VM with OpenZFS.

If you allow them to, You can run a VPN, Tor, Loki whatever you like to hide your traffic.

What id the advantage of solving one issue, if there are so many more ways to get your privacy info. Your friends and family might spread your info too. For example the Email attack was through an Email of a hacked ex-colleague.

Yes, it is a fork of Floorp, which is an excellent browser. I use that along with Firefox. Highly recommend it.

There is BetterFox, which is a customized user.js for Firefox.

I haven’t tried it though.

It was mentioned already, but LibreWolf is my go to browser.

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Switching back to WebKit for a new browser could offer independence from Google’s Blink engine and its associated restrictions. By leveraging WebKit, which underpins Apple’s Safari browser, developers can access a robust, open-source engine while retaining compatibility with web standards. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to contribute to the WebKit community, fostering innovation and collaboration. However, adopting WebKit also means relinquishing certain optimizations and features unique to Blink. Ultimately, the decision depends on priorities: whether to prioritize autonomy and collaboration or to prioritize Blink-specific optimizations and Google’s ecosystem. Exploring alternatives like WebKit for a new browser not only addresses concerns with Google’s Blink but also opens avenues for engagement with the gaming community

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I moved to Microsoft Edge on my VM used for all email and social media apps. I use MS-Edge for WhatsApp; FB Messenger and Skype :slight_smile:
I use that VM Xubuntu and MS-Edge, because they are loaded always. Basically both are the best with respect to memory usage, while still being attractive (view and ease of use). The memory used after boot is already the best and MS-Edge also puts the unused tabs to sleep after a selectable time out.

Note that MS-Edge is part of the normal Ubuntu update process, because Microsoft created a ppa for MS-Edge :slight_smile: :slight_smile: