Brave creating it's own search engine

After hearing from another Linux advocate here on this site that Brave replaces ads on websites with their own ads, I think I’ll stick to DuckDuckGo for my search need for now.

Brave has not earned my trust. YMMV.

I’m glad you brought that up, I don’t use Brave but if someone doesn’t do a deep dive I probably will at some point.

I think the time when we could just pick the “right” browser/search choice has come to an end, it’s just a mess of unpleasant trade-offs now. I LOVE for example but it can only show me what big tech gives them.

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I love it too, but it does make me search, um, longer ( if that’s the right term ) to find what I’m usually looking for.

Duck Duck Go uses Google ads.

I find it ironic that alot of the that people flee Google but don’t seem to mind that.

As well as the analytics tracking in the name of “improving” the service. DuckDuckGo — Spyware Watchdog

What are they ‘improving,’ exactly? They use an API to hook into Google’s results. Their entire existence relies on Google.

At least Brave is upfront about what they do.

Disclosure: I use Duckduckgo myself, but by no means feel it’s the ‘private alternative to Google’ most see it as - if they stopped using Google ads, I might reconsider that opinion.

I don’t use Brave browser (because it’s based on Chromium, I prefer Firefox), but I am going to give their search engine a try.

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Brave creating a search engine is pretty interesting, I wonder if they just remove search results and add in their own results for BAT points.

I can confirm that they most certainly do not use Google Ads. Instead they use Bing Ads, better sort of but not much better. :sunglasses:

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Ah! Thanks for the correction. It’s been a long while since I saw Duckduckgo without an adblocker; my mistake. They both have similar in appearance ads.

Recommend Michael’s look into Brave’s search engine:

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